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2014 Tour Details

Please Note:  This is a tentative tour schedule. Stops and demonstrations may change.
The pre-conference tour will be Monday, July 28th. The tour will leave Union Station at 9:00am and return by approximately 5:00pm. The tour will visit three locations featuring a wide range of technology. Please note: these stops and times are subject to change.
Bus transportation, lunch, and beverages will be provided.

Stop 1: Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

The Danforth Center is a state of the art plant sciences research facility with the mission: Improve the Human Condition through Plant Science. Center scientists strive to reduce the burden of hunger and malnutrition in developing countries as well as to improve human health both at home and abroad. Research includes the search for the next generation of biofuels: alternative sources of energy that are affordable, sustainable and ecologically sound. Our stop will include tours of the Plant Phenotyping 

The Bellwether Foundation Phenotyping Facility

  The Bellwether Foundation Phenotyping Facility is a state-of-the-art, high-tech facility comprised of a custom, controlled environment growth house, fully integrated with a 3D imaging platform. This automated, high-throughput platform allows multi-parametric, non-destructive analysis of up to 1140 small to medium sized plants at multiple time points over a desired growth period. 
  The bioinformatics core facility at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is a physical and intellectual infrastructure that facilitates the bioinformatic computing and storage needs of members of the Danforth Center community. 

Stop 2: Sydenstricker, John Deere dealership in Moscow Mills, MO

Our second stop is a “lunch and learn” opportunity as we examine one of the most discussed topics around precision agriculture today; farm operation data. How do you analyze it? How do you share it? How do you mold it into profitable decisions that can safeguard your investments for future generations? There will be presentations on the service role of the dealer as as advisor for your business, your financial goals and your unique operation.

Learn about the latest planting technology from John Deere: ExactEmerge™ Row Unit: 10mph planting that offers accurate singulation, population, spacing, and uniform depth, built to maximize productivity and yield potential. This patented technology delivers seed to the bottom of the trench at a rearward trajectory that truly matches the ground speed of the planter at any desired population. The technology provides precise seed placement in both corn and high-rate soybeans.


Stop 3: UAV Demonstrations

Drones will be featured at our final planned stop of the day. UAV vendors including AutoCopter and senseFly will demonstrate their products at the airfield. We'll get to see several UAVs in action and may have some additional tools to show. Note: location and vendors represented to be determined.


The AutoCopter™ is a UAV helicopter providing remote sensing using three full-sized cameras (multi-spectral, DSLR and HD Video) while flying a GPS plan for over two hours without the need to refill fuel.  After landing the data is immediately processed using our patent-pending software solution into GeoTiff images to export directly into Farm Management Programs to create applicator scripts.  Now you can immediately import the data into John Deere Apex, Ag Leader SMS and SST Farm Management Programs.  Everything (processing NDVI, GeoTiff - orthorectification & stitching) is done in the field.  Our solution offers real-time answers - No waiting, no outside vendors. The HD Video captures the field and enables you to "see what the helicopter sees as it flies".  The Nikon DSLR images are also geo-referenced and stitched as well.  The AutoCopter™ has auto take-off, auto land and GPS enabled auto flight.
senseFly senseFly Ltd is a Swiss company. We develop, assemble and market autonomous mini-drones and related software solutions for civil professional applications such as accurate mapping of mining sites, quarries, forests, construction sites, crops, etc.

Volt Aerial Robotics

Volt Copter
Do you have an application for an unmanned aerial system? If the answer is yes, then the next question to ask is does your organization have the time, skills and budget to design, test and maintain a small sUAS system in-house? We specialize in the development of small autonomous aerial systems allowing you to focus on your application and not the skills challenge and cost associated with implementing and running a sUAS.



2014 Pre-conference Tour

Time Action/Event
9:00 Travel: Union Station to Danforth Center 
9:30 Tour Danforth Center for Plant Sciences
11:00 Travel: to John Deere Dealership
11:50 Lunch and Tour Dealership
14:10 Travel: to Airstrip
14:50 Demonstrations at Airstrip
16:20 Travel: to Union Station
17:00 Arrive at Union Station

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