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25 Years of the Conference

For 25 years, InfoAg has been the premier conference on the practical application of precision agriculture. The conference is moving into a new era as it transitions to management under The Fertilizer Institute. InfoAg will still be the place to learn about new crop production strategies and practices linked to precision agriculture and data management, but as modern agriculture must grow and adapt to meet a new set of challenges, so too must InfoAg. 
With the new theme, ‘Advancing Modern Agriculture through Data-Driven Solutions’, the InfoAg landscape will expand to include a broader reach of tools, technologies, products, and practices crop advisors can use to create solutions for their farmer customers. Building on opportunities and challenges facing the food supply chain, the conference links these solutions to impacts on nutrient use efficiency, crop performance, soil health, and the environment. 
This year you’ll find sessions and workshops that support the work of crop advisors and ag retailers in their efforts to encourage growers to adopt new approaches to advancing modern agriculture. In addition to common content themes of the past, the educational program will address precision agriculture relating to micronutrient management; biostimulants and biologicals in a production system; soil health assessments; and 4R Nutrient Stewardship strategies to increase nutrient use efficiency, crop performance, and profitability.
Additionally, the expanded InfoAg content will carry over to the exhibit hall. This year you’ll find developers of leading precision agriculture hardware, software, and services along with companies working to advance the crop nutrition industry. This diverse group of exhibitors allows attendees to build upon the knowledge gained in the educational sessions.