St. Louis, Missouri


InfoAg 2016 Presentation
Precision People

Grand E
Wed, Aug 3, 2016
2:40pm to 3:20pm


With the quick adaption of precision agriculture by farmers in the last ten years, there has become a shortage in the workforce of employees with knowledge of precision agriculture technologies. Results from a statewide survey completed in Indiana by Ivy Tech Community College showed that in the future, this trend would continue to grow. 

To tackle this issue in our state, meetings were held with various local businesses in the agriculture sector.  Ideas of course curriculum, training materials, and studies of emphasis were gathered.  With their input, a precision agriculture degree was born at Ivy Tech Community College. 


Jenni Fridgen

Instructor of Ag and GIS
Parkland College

Darin Kohlmeyer

Program Chair / Instructor, Precision Agriculture Program
Ivy Tech Community College