St. Louis, Missouri


InfoAg 2016 Presentation
VR Turf/Robotics

Grand E
Thu, Aug 4, 2016
10:20am to 11:00am


Sam Dietrich, Caleb Friedrick, Joshua Friedrick, and Dean Kertai of the University of Regina Ag Robotics team will talk about their first place finish in the Ag Bot competition this year. 

Rockville Indiana opened the door of a new era of agriculture through the agbot competition held in May this year. The competition attracted a variety of autonomous corn planting prototypes.  The University of Regina agbot winning solution complements existing machinery to provide dual functionality between manual and fully autonomous modes. An intuitive ground control station software is used to command and control the agbot, as well as display real time feedback. Software on the tractor includes navigation and control using the feedback of a RTK-GPS. Despite the trend in farming to use WAAS, RTK-GPS has many advantages including accuracy and repeatability, where WAAS fails due to drift. Simple off the shelf actuators and sensors can be used in cascaded closed loop control to execute planned missions. Fully autonomous robots can help us farm, but the implementation of autonomy should not be at the cost of control and maintenance for users. 


Caleb Friedrick

University of Regina

Joshua Friedrick

University of Regina

Dean Kertai

University of Regina