St. Louis, Missouri

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InfoAg 2016

Ignacio Ciampitti
Assistant Professor, Cropping Systems Specialist
Kansas State University
2014E Throckmorton Plant Science Bldg.
Manhattan, KS 66506
Dr. Ciampitti program (KSUCROPS Lab) is focused on understanding yield formation and in-field variability of farming systems by employing new technologies and integrating large datasets: use of high-resolution satellite imagery, imagery collected via drones (sUAS), crop models, meta-analyses, review and synthesis-analyses procedures, and investigating interactions between crop production factors (genotype x environment x management; G x E x M).

Dr. Ciampitti is chair of the ASA Extension Education Community, and elected-chair for the Early Career Community and the Crop Ecology and Management division for the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA) besides serving as an Associate Editor in CSSAJ and acting as a reviewer in several international Journals.