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St. Louis, Missouri

Speaker Details

InfoAg 2017

Tim Smith
Farmer City, IL 61842

Tim Smith is the managing agronomist for Cropsmith Inc., where he has been instrumental in the development of programs aimed at improving nutrient use efficiencies for producers. Previously he was a visiting research specialist in soil fertility at the University of Illinois. He researched improving nitrogen use efficiency in corn production. The primary emphasis is on development of the ISNT to improve nitrogen recommendations for corn, especially as related to site-specific application. He has extensive knowledge of the ISNT laboratory procedure. Smith works on the spatial and temporal aspect of the ISNT and sampling to improve map quality. He has developed Cropsmith's independent lab for the analysis of soil samples using the ISNT procedure. Smith has experience as a marketing information manager for a farmer owned cooperative with over eight million dollars in sales. He has developed precision application programs that benefited farmers by reducing fertilizer usage and increasing yields. Smith is a Certified Professional Agronomist and has 25 years of experience working directly with producers on fertility related issues. He has wide-ranging knowledge of variable rate application equipment and software.