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St. Louis, Missouri

Speaker Details

InfoAg 2017

Raj Khosla
Professor of Precision Agriculture
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1170
Dr. Raj Khosla is a Robert Gardner Professor of Precision Agriculture at Colorado State University. His main research focus has been on management of in-field soil and crop variability using geo-spatial technologies for precision management of crop-inputs. He has generated many discoveries in precision agriculture, most widely recognized among them is the innovative technique of quantifying variability of spatially diverse soils using satellite based remote-sensing to create management zones. Most recently, he was recognized with the Werner L. Nelson Award for Diagnosis of Yield-Limiting Factors by American Society of Agronomy. Previously, in 2015, he was recognized as the “Precision Ag Educator of the Year”, a national honor bestowed by the agricultural industry and in 2012, he was named the Jefferson Science Fellow by the National Academy of Sciences. Previously, he has served two 2-yr terms on NASA’s US “Presidential Advisory Board on Positioning, Navigation and Timing”.

He is a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy; Soil Science Society of America; Soil and Water Conservation Society; and Honorary Life Fellow of International Society of Precision Agriculture.

He is the Founder and Founding-President of the International Society of Precision Agriculture.