InfoAg 2018 Presentation
High Speed Planting

Grand D
Wed, Jul 18, 2018
1:20pm to 2:00pm


Uniform seed placement improves seed-to-soil contact and requires proper selection of downforce control across a varying soil in the field. When planting at faster ground speeds, downforce changes and it becomes critical to select the optimum level of downforce settings to better control the performance of the planter to achieve the desired consistency of seed placement during planting. Therefore, it is essential to understand planter operational dynamics and determine the optimum downforce setting to plant at various ground speeds that will achieve consistency of placing the seeds on the ground. 


Ajay Sharda

Assistant Professor
Kansas State University

Dr. Sharda joined the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the Kansas State University as an Assistant Professor of Precision Ag and Machinery System in October 2013. Ajay’s appointment includes extension, research and teaching activities focused towards agricultural machinery systems application. Sharda’s current research has focused on development, analysis and experimental validation of control systems for agricultural machinery systems like precision planting; liquid applicators and thermal infrared imaging applications with ground and aerial unmanned systems. Sharda received the K-State Innovator; Engineer Member of Year of ASABE Kansas section; and the 2016 Conservation Systems Precision Ag Researcher of the Year. He has lead or cooperated in research supported by more than $2M in grants; authored or coauthored more than 60+ refereed journal articles, extension publications and conference proceedings. Sharda has made numerous invited presentations at research conferences/meetings, extension workshops, and forums engaging stakeholders.