InfoAg 2018 Presentation
Sponsors Showcase

Regency AB
Tue, Jul 17, 2018
5:00pm to 5:40pm


A brief look at where we have come from and what a few companies are doing through data integration to allow software solutions to do what they do best.


Travis Hammer

Director of Sales and Marketing
AgIntegrated, Inc.

Travis Hammer started his career on the family farm in southeastern Idaho. He has a BS in Agricultural from the University of Georgia and a Geospatial Intelligence certification from Penn State University. Today he is the Director of Sales and Marketing for AgIntegrated.

His primary focus for the past twenty years has been on process improvement in technology, beginning as a web developer, working with large and small companies in multiple countries across the globe. He has a passion for simplifying the complicated.

Prior to AgIntegrated Mr. Hammer was a senior consultant for companies including IBM and Unisys. His experience spans various technology solutions across multiple industries with a focus on business process improvement and data transfer.