InfoAg 2018 Presentation
Lessons in Big Data

Grand E
Wed, Jul 18, 2018
2:40pm to 3:20pm


Big Data and Information Technology is experiencing a surge in the agriculture industry though most of the discussion tends to focus on precision agriculture.  This is but one use case and there are many.  These other uses, applications and examples of big data and information technology create value, have shorter path to ROI and serve as a competitive advantage in your market. This discussion will focus on specific use cases and real-life examples. We will cover examples like: better understanding your customers/market, powering strategic decisions, and bringing efficiencies and speed to your internal and external business processes with the goal to make your company more competitive and successful.


Steve Rao

FarmMarket iD

Steve Rao is a strategic executive with deep background in marketing, data and analytics and broad industry background. His expertise and knowledge ranging from venture-backed enterprises to Fortune 500 companies is valuable when working with clients to develop data solutions that will help achieve their strategic goals. He currently leads Farm Market iD in bringing data-driven marketing and strategic decision making to the agriculture industry. He brings a unique perspective to database marketing in agriculture due to his broad experience in delivering database marketing solutions across many industries.