InfoAg 2018 Presentation
Sponsor Showcase

Regency AB
Wed, Jul 18, 2018
8:00am to 8:20am


Traditionally, soil testing is a manual and time-intensive process which can take days or weeks. But with Teralytic’s sensors constantly checking and reporting on soil quality—24 hours a day and 365 days a year—farmers can now respond to changes in the fields faster, before they become problems.

Teralytic made the world’s first wireless NPK soil sensor, a simple and incredibly easy-to-use product that generates real-time data collection and analysis of all soil types, anywhere in the field. The platform also provides strategy recommendations customized to each crop, from the topsoil to below the roots.

The Teralytic probe uses 23 sensors to provide the most detailed soil quality data available, reporting soil moisture, salinity, aeration, respiration, NPK, air temperature, and humidity—at three different depths. No wires. No antennas. And with a long-range wireless network, large farms in all parts of the world can gain connectivity.


Steve Ridder

Founder and CEO

Steve has more than 20 years in the technology industry building products, launching internal startups, and scaling go-to-market activities. He founded precision agriculture and soil health company Teralytic, which made world’s first wireless NPK soil sensor. Teralytic’s platform makes it easy for farmers to grow more using less, while reducing the environmental impact of agriculture.