InfoAg 2018 Presentation
Industry / Education

Grand D
Thu, Jul 19, 2018
10:20am to 11:00am


Good employees have always been an important part of any successful business and with the demands of modern agriculture, this has never been more true, especially in the precision ag industry.  New employees must be knowledgeable in agronomy, electronics, computer systems, data analysis, have strong communication skills, and understand the time requirements of working in the agriculture field. A high quality internship experience benefits your company in many ways. Internship programs offer the opportunity for companies to introduce young talent to their team prior to investing completely, and can often lead to full time employment in the future, essentially allowing new hires to come in with 3+ months experience and the ability to “hit the ground running.”  When students have a great experience on site, they tend to share their experience with classmates during the academic year, positively promoting your company and potentially increasing high talent internship and full-time applicants. The goal of this presentation will be to share with you what a good internship could look like from the students perspective. To help you to ensure your internship program is meeting the expectations of today’s college student,  ultimately helping you increase your candidate pool when hiring for full time positions.


Nicholas Uilk

Ag Systems Technology Instructor
South Dakota State University

Nic has been an instructor with the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department since January of 2009, with significant involvement in developing and maintaining curriculum to meet the demands of today’s precision agriculture professional. The curriculum is designed to cover agronomy, data management, agriculture electronics, and farm machinery, and Nic heads up course instruction in several classes, including Introduction to Precision Agriculture, Farm Machinery Systems Management, Computer Applications in Agriculture, Ag Industrial and Outdoor Power, and Introduction to Ag Systems Technology.