InfoAg 2018 Presentation
Sensing Soils

Grand D
Wed, Jul 18, 2018
4:40pm to 5:20pm


Soil sensing technologies are being used to produce the soil maps for the 21st century. These innovations map several key soil factors that drive productivity, at a scale that matches variable rate capabilities of today’s planting, application, and irrigation equipment. This session will show how service providers and growers are using the latest in soil sensors to generate precision soil map-based applications across the US and around the globe.


Eric Lund

Veris Technologies, Inc.

Eric Lund is president and co-founder of Veris Technologies. For the past 20+ years Eric and his team at Veris have pioneered on-the-go soil sensing, developed advanced soil mapping equipment, and played an important role in establishing the market and proper applications for soil sensing technology worldwide. Veris soil maps are being used to finetune applications of nitrogen, seed, irrigation, soil amendments, and other inputs on crops ranging from peanuts to potatoes, corn to coffee, and from soybeans to sugar cane. In addition to his role at Veris, Eric operates a wheat, corn, sorghum, and soybean farm in central Kansas. Lund Farms was an early adopter of long-term no-till and many precision practices, including on-farm trials of soil amendments, nitrogen, row spacings, deep tillage, and variable seed populations.