InfoAg 2018 Presentation

Grand D
Tue, Jul 17, 2018
2:20pm to 3:00pm


Extra time for questions and answers about robotics. 


Scott Shearer

Professor and Chair
Ohio State University, Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering

Scott Shearer received his Ph.D. in agricultural engineering from The Ohio State University (OSU) in 1986. Currently, he serves as Professor and Chair of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering at OSU. Prior to 2011 he was Chair of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Kentucky. Highlights of his research career include development of methodologies and controls for metering and spatial applying crop production inputs (seed, fertilizer and pesticides); modeling of agricultural field machinery systems; autonomous multivehicle field production systems; strategies for deployment of UAS in agriculture; and analyses of production agriculture data sets. He has lead research supported by over $12M in grants; authored more than 200 technical publications (refereed journal articles, conference proceedings, meeting papers and book chapters); and has made numerous invited presentations at international conferences, professional meetings and farmer forums. Dr. Shearer is a Fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

Marc Vanacht

Ag Business Consultants

University: UFSIA Antwerp and KU Leuven (Belgium), degrees in Business Administration, Law, Economics and Philosophy.
Postgraduate: Stanford University Graduate School of Business (Executive courses)
Fluent in 5 languages: English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.
1975 - 76: Lintas Advertising Agency in Brussels. Unilever & Canon accounts.
1976 - 91: Monsanto Europe (located in Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Lyon, Brussels)
Advertising Manager for the launch of Roundup herbicide in W. Europe Country Marketing Manager in Spain and in France
Brand Manager, Roundup products for Europe, Africa & Middle East
Strategy Manager Europe, Africa & Middle East
Market identification for GMO technology
Patent expiration Strategy for Roundup
Business, market and products development for new chemicals In-licensing of new products from Japan
1991 - 96: Monsanto HQ in St Louis, Innovation Team, reporting to the CEO
Screened 500 ideas, narrowed them down to 4 concepts launched into the market
Took charge as Intrapreneur of one of the concepts, in the area of Big data for agriculture
1996 - current:
Independent Strategic Business Consultant based in St Louis, Missouri

Consulting Projects:
Customers: multinational corporations, government agencies, farmers organizations, universities
Geography: frequent travel to USA, Americas, W Europe, East Asia, occasionally to S-E Asia and Africa
Advanced technologies in agriculture
Precision agriculture
Technology exchange
Bridge between markets and science, technology & engineering
New product market identification, development and market launch
Product life cycle management