InfoAg 2021 Presentation
Remote Sensing

Grand ABC
Wed, Aug 4, 2021
10:30am to 10:40am

Introduction to OpTIS 2.0: A New Version of the Operational Tillage Information System

CTIC has partnered with Regrow and The Nature Conservancy on the development, testing and application of the Operational Tillage Information System (OpTIS), an automated system to map tillage, residue cover, winter cover, and soil health practices using remote sensing data. OpTIS data are currently available for the years 2005 through 2019 for the US Corn Belt. With OpTIS 2.0 (released in June 2021), data are now presented in the context of a two-year crop rotation with options to review by the previous and following cash crop for both tillage and winter cover. Both the OpTIS and DNDC pages have been updated with new charts and maps to further enhance identification of trends and opportunities to promote the adoption of regenerative conservation practices.


David Gustafson

Project Director
Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC)

Dave Gustafson currently serves as a CTIC Project Director. His academic training was in chemical engineering (Stanford, B.S., 1980; University of Washington, Ph.D., 1983). He worked 30 years in private industry (Shell, Rhône-Poulenc, Monsanto) and then at the Agiruclture & Food Systems Institute through 2016. Now an independent scientist, he leads research helping food systems meet nutrition needs in more sustainable ways. Dave’s early career focused on environmental modeling agricultural impacts on water quality, and subsequently on various other sustainability issues. Beginning in 2007, Dave began leading efforts to understand climate adaptation and mitigation imperatives in the global agri-food system.