InfoAg 2017 Presentation
Action from Image Analysis

Grand D
Wed, Jul 26, 2017
1:20 PM to 3:20 PM


Austin Rice and Andrew Hellmann of Yield Tech Aerial Services, LLC share their real-world experience as commercial ag drone pilots and discuss what they've learned while building a successful commercial ag drone service company.

Austin Rice
Yield Tech Aerial Services, LLC
Paris, IL 61944
Austin graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. While working his way through college for a local ag service company and his 5th generation family farm, he operated drones for precision ag research and became passionate about quality remote sensing. He gained extensive UAV and GIS experience and now co-owns and operates Yield Tech Aerial Services, LLC, a commercial ag drone service company that serves farmers and ag service providers across the Midwest.
Andrew Hellman
Operations Manager
Yield Tech Aerial Services, LLC
Paris, IL 61944
Andrew attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and graduated with degrees in Business Management and Marketing. Andrew is a fourth generation farmer from Hamel, Illinois. Passionate about agronomy, he has continued his education, learning from agronomists and attending university trainings. Working alongside agronomists throughout the Midwest, he continues to research how to provide value to Yield Tech's growers. He is also an sUAV expert with hundreds of flight hours.