Jacob Maurer

RDO Equipment Co.

Jacob Maurer is an agronomist for RDO Equipment Co., focused on locations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. He educates growers on emerging technology and best practices for implementation, as well as helps them adapt to an ever-changing economic climate by making decisions using sound agronomic and economic theory. In 2018, Maurer had the unique opportunity to lead a collaborative team in charge of a 90-acre research farm in North Dakota’s southern Red River Valley. This agricultural land lab is a three-year project that allows Maurer and the team to experiment and collect data on every aspect of a full-season crop cycle, from tillage strategies to planter speed to non-traditional crop scouting using UAVs. Maurer is a Certified Crop Adviser and also a regular contributor to PrecisionAg.com. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Agribusiness from Kansas State University.