Presenter List: InfoAg 2017
Arnall, Brian
Use of Scouting Apps
Berger, Leah
Tulane Nitrogen Challenge
Berglund, Robbie
Changing the Weather Game: Probabilistic Forecasting at the Farm Field
Brehm, James
Overview of IoT Ecosystem
Breker, John
Seasonal Variation in Soil Test Potassium: When do you sample?
Brumer, Steve
IoT Case Study: Future IoT Scenarios
Carlisle, Ben
Starting from Scratch
Chappell, Ernie
Drivers of Change – Meet EFC Systems
Chostner, Ben
Blue River Technology's See & Spray Robotic Weeder
Chowdhary, Girish
Robot Teams
Conley, Shawn
Using Data to Drive Crop Production Decisions
Corbett, John
Cubbage, Steve
Charging for Services
Doyle, Benjamin
Fenstermaker, Craig
Radically Improving The Way Dry Nutrients Are Applied
Finegan, Michael
Hardware / Sensors
Workshop: IoT
Flansberg, Ben
Practical Precision
Frieberg, Dan
Multi-Year Analysis
Fulton, John
Tools for P Mgt
Gibas, Dawn
Precision Agriculture Specialty for Certified Crop Advisers
Gibson, John
Using Imagery to Guide Scouting
Gist, Ben
Evaluating Fertility Rates Using Spatial Analytics
Godsey, Chad
Evaluating Fertility Rates Using Spatial Analytics
Hishmeh, Paul
Field to Market
Hyde, Chris
MDA Weather Services
Jacob, Chacko
The Weather Company (panel)
Khosla, Raj
Data Driven Nitrogen Management
Krajec, Dmitri
Team Approach to Farmer Sales
Lu, Siyuan
PAIRS: IBM Data Analysis Initiative
McGrath, Joshua
VR P Response
Monk, Kevin
IoT Case Study: Weather Stations
Norris, Tim
Do’s and Don’ts of Profitable Precision Service
Pananella, Fabiano
Imagery changing agriculture: experiences in Argentina, Brazil & South Africa
Park, Johnny
IoT and Pest Forecasting: Introducing The Z-Trap Network
Pearcy, Ryan
High precision spinner spreading. Reduce your input cost and maximize yield potential
Pearson, Kim
The Role of Application Software Platforms in Agriculture IoT Ecosystems
Phillips, Steve
Welcome to InfoAg
Pistorius, Pete
Rubin, Sky
Airbus AG Solutions
Ruys, Jurriaan
Field Experiences of Soil Moisture Sensors in the Age of IoT
Scheiderer, Dave
Integrating Imagery into GIS
Shaw, Brent
Smith, Tim
Team Cropsmith
Snodgrass, Eric
Workshop: Weather Data & Tools
Sonka, Steve
Digital Agriculture
Thomason, Wade
Seeding x Nutrient Rates Interaction
Torrie, Mel
Farming Autonomation: State of the Art Technology Today and What the Future Holds
Turner, Paul
Team AgDNA
Waits, Matt
SST Software
Waschek, Mark
Workshop: Hiring & Retention
Recruiting and Retaining a Precision Ag Team
Weir, Thom
Weisenburger, Brent
Selecting the Right Mix of Talent
Welbig, Paul
Wilson, Jeremy
Data Sharing and Data Islands
Workshop: ADAPT
van Es, Harold
Team Adapt-N