Title: Weather Data Roundtable
Date: Thu Jul 27, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Moderator: David Lundgren
Weather Variability and the Impact on Agriculture

Atmospheric warming leads to increased weather variability both over space and in-time (extremes).  The whole of the agricultural value chain needs agronomically interpreted real-time weather based information to dampen this impact.  From input providers to farmers and markets, ag-weather is an integral need. Predictive analytics delivers insight to farmers and in aggregate, to other segments in the value chain. 

John Corbett (speaker)
Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer
aWhere, Inc.
Broomfield, CO 80020
John Corbett, Ph.D., agricultural climatologist and aWhere, Inc. Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, focused his career on applied agricultural meteorology and a scalable, enterprise, agricultural intelligence platform. aWhere maintains a global resource of high-resolution, current, daily observed and forecast agronomic weather data for localized ‘smart content’ planet-wide. With 25+ years working in agriculture, John is part of a team of software experts, agricultural scientists, and business leaders leveraging technology for actionable, timely, location specific information meeting needs across the agricultural value chain. Prior to aWhere, John worked with Syngenta-Switzerland, Texas A&M- USA; with ICRAF – Kenya; and with CIMMYT – Mexico.
Length (approx): 10 min
MDA Weather Services

Weather will always play a significant role in agriculture, but its impacts and forcing are not always clear and its predictability will always carry uncertainty.  As weather data continually improves, there will be a push to further integrate it with other datasets to develop more optimal insights and improve decision making.  MDA has provided weather information in addition to soil, imagery, and other remote sensing data to customers for nearly 40 years – and now looks to deepen its analytics by leveraging the latest in technology AND integrating our customers’ feedback into premier agricultural solutions.  Through state-of-the-science modeling and a deep suite of environmental monitoring capabilities at relevant levels and resolutions, MDA continues to develop new ways of marrying weather data – observed, real time, and forecasts - to our continually evolving high-value remote sensing capabilities and exploiting our scientific skill sets with a focus on developing tools that matter.

Eric Wertz (speaker)
Meteorologist, Manager of Weather Data Solutions
MDA Weather Services
Gaithersburg, MD 20874
Eric Wertz is a Meteorologist and Manager of Weather Data Solutions at MDA Information Systems LLC in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Mr. Wertz has been employed at MDA since 2009 after graduating from the Pennsylvania State University with a BS and MS in Meteorology. After beginning his tenure at MDA as one of the 20 operational meteorologists on staff, he has since taken on an elevated role where he manages incoming and outgoing data feeds and products at MDA. He also maintains relationships with various national weather agencies across the world. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Eric works directly with many of MDA’s precision farming clients as well as others with weather data needs.
Length (approx): 10 min
ClearAg- Environmental Information for Agriculture: What do you REALLY need?

The talk will focus on a better paradigm than using the same weather parameters we have traditionally been able to measure with weather stations, where the user is using mental “algorithms” to translate the weather info into decisions.  For example, using rainfall data in conjunction with potential evapotranspiration values (which in turn are often derived from simplistic assumptions that can now be explicitly modeled) as an indicator of water availability for the crop.  In this case, the  user is really needing to know whether there is enough moisture in the soil for the plants to access, and that can be explicitly modeled with more complicated physical equations, making the guidance more relevant and accurate.  Other examples will be provided (spraying, harvesting, etc.).

Brent Shaw (speaker)
VP of Weather Content and Customer Success
Iteris ClearAg
Grand Forks, ND, NA 58203
Brent Shaw is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist and VP of Weather Content and Customer Success at Iteris. In this role, Brent oversees data acquisition, creation, and quality control in support of transportation weather and global precision agriculture software-based services. He has been involved in applied meteorological research and development for over 20 years, spanning military, civilian, and commercial sectors. A native of Kansas City, he is now based in Norman, Oklahoma.
Length (approx): 10 min
What's new in Ag from TWC

During this panel discussion, Chacko Jacob will highlight the latest innovations in advanced weather models, analytics and provide a glimpse of what the future holds for decision support and artificial intelligence solutions within Agriculture. Weather not only affects how crops grow but the logistics around planting, harvesting, and transportation. By integrating weather forecast models into crop planting and harvesting and transportation, better decisions can be made in advance of crop losses due to weather perils. Weather data and analytics on field-by-field or zone-by-zone basis helps farmers make informed decisions throughout the year to maximize food production, minimize environmental impact, and reduce operating costs.

Chacko Jacob (speaker)
Agriculture Lead
The Weather Company, an IBM Business
Andover, MA, NA 01810
Chacko Jacob is The Weather Company, an IBM business, lead for Agribusiness in Americas. He is responsible for leading The Weather Company business development and sales activities in the agriculture industry. He has around two decades of working experience in agriculture in various capacities from Crop Scout to leadership role in a major precision agriculture company. He was recently been involved in the digital agriculture marketplace with expertise in innovative technologies and their use in agriculture, including precision agriculture, geospatial technologies (including remote sensing technologies like drones, aerial, satellite, and ground-based) and other information technology tools and their applications in agriculture. An excellent network built over the years in agriculture vertical globally.
Length (approx): 10 min
Weather: Vital to farmers & Climate FieldView™

The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company, aims to help all the world’s farmers sustainably increase their productivity through the use of digital tools. The integrated Climate FieldView™ digital agriculture platform provides farmers with a comprehensive, connected suite of digital tools. Bringing together seamless field data collection, advanced agronomic modeling and local weather monitoring into simple mobile and web software solutions, the Climate FieldView platform gives farmers a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed operating decisions to optimize yields, maximize efficiency and reduce risk. 

Adam Pasch (speaker)
Weather Science Data Strategy & Operations Lead
The Climate Corporation
St. Louis, MO 63141
Adam Pasch is the Weather Data Strategy and Operations Lead for The Climate Corporation, leading efforts to understand weather data sources provided in Climate FieldView™ products and utilized in their industry-leading scientific research. Adam also leads field experiments to measure weather variables at field and subfield levels for future product improvement. He plays a key role in the company's work connecting the field with the Climate FieldView Platform with sensor technology and advanced weather stations. He holds a B.S, M.S, and Ph.D. in Meteorology from Saint Louis University. Dr. Pasch is also an American Meteorological Society Certified Consulting Meteorologist.
Length (approx): 10 min
Bringing High Resolution Weather Analytics to the Global Scale

WDT has spent the past 17 years aggregating, cleaning, and providing analytics on weather data across the globe. This year, WDT has released high resolution data services for the agriculture industry using advanced data blending and modeling techniques, providing agriculture customers with gold standard weather data in global agricultural markets for their precision agriculture applications.

Renny Vandewege (speaker)
Senior Vice President of Business Development
Weather Decision Technologies
Norman, OK, NA 73072
Renny Vandewege serves as Senior Vice President of Business Development at Weather Decision Technologies, overseeing the overall growth of WDT’s customer base and markets globally.  He has been a leader in the weather industry for over 14 years, with a focus on growth of revenue and programs in broadcast meteorology, academia, and the private weather industry, including customers in agriculture, analytics, media, utilities, oil and gas, and outdoor entertainment.
Length (approx): 10 min
DTN’s Ag Weather Network - 6,000 stations and growing

DTN’s Ag Weather Network has now grown to over 6,000 stations in just 4 years.  This growth has been driven by the need for precision local weather information in precision agriculture applications.  The network and the data it collects will be described, along with some of the applications and benefits to producers and other users of the information.

Jim Block (speaker)
Chief Meteorological Officer
Minneapolis, MN 55337
Jim Block, Certified Consulting Meteorologist, one of only 285 active in the world, has over 35 years of experience in commercial meteorology. At DTN, Block is responsible for the integration of weather into agricultural applications, weather and forecast content used in the products and services provided by DTN. Block has participated in the development of products pioneered at DTN and is the holder of seven patents on weather technology. He has testified in front of US Congressional committees on matters of the private sector and its relationship to National Meteorological Services. Block earned a BS and MS in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Certified Consulting Meteorologist, and past President of the National Council of Industrial Meteorologists. In 2010, Block was elected as a Fellow by the American Meteorological Society, an honor given to less than 0.2% of the membership of the Society.
Length (approx): 10 min