Title: Sponsor Showcase
Date: Wed Jul 26, 2017
Time: 1:20 PM - 3:20 PM
Moderator: Martin Rund
Autonomous Agriculture - The Need for GNSS Safety Critical Systems

The development and use of autonomous vehicles are increasing worldwide.  Autonomous vehicles are enabled by a combination of different technologies and sensors that allow the vehicle itself to identify the optimal trajectory needed to perform the required work. Safety-critical applications leverage precise and secure positioning in situations where humans can come into harm or where systems or the environment could be damaged. Position accuracy and reliability is key and in most applications, GNSS provides that position information. In the agricultural industry, growers have been using GNSS for well over two decades to guide equipment through their fields — along with a host of other ag-related, site-specific applications. In this presentation we show how NovAtel is ready for the new challenges of providing position and velocity information with high continuity, integrity and availability to address the safety and certification requirements for autonomous navigation and guidance of agricultural vehicles.

Gordon Ryley (speaker)
Precision Agriculture Segment Manager
NovAtel Inc
Calgary, Alberta T3K 2L5
Gordon is the Precision Agricultural Segment Manager at NovAtel Inc. where he is responsible for bringing innovative positioning solutions to the agricultural market. He has over 25 years of product development and marketing experience with expertise in integrated positioning products and wireless communications products.
Marcus Andreotti (speaker)
Senior Systems Designer
Calgary, Alberta T3K 2L5
Marcus is a senior Systems Designer for Agricultural Systems at NovAtel Inc. He has over 20 years in the areas of industry and academic research on the area of GNSS, as well as commercial development of GNSS products for vehicular applications.
Length (approx): 20 min
Changing the Weather Game: Probabilistic Forecasting at the Farm Field

In this presentation, The Weather Company (an IBM Business) will describe new methods for predicting key weather variables that would impact grower decisions at the farm field with the use of high precision probabilistic forecasting data streams for critical weather variables like temperature, precipitation, wind, and humidity.

Robbie Berglund (speaker)
Global Director of Sales, The Weather Company, Energy & Agriculture
The Weather Company, an IBM Business
Andover, MA 01810
Rob Berglund is the Global Director of Sales for Energy and Agriculture within the business solutions group at The Weather Company, an IBM Business. In his role, Rob leads the sales team for Energy & Utility, Agriculture, and Petro-Chemical and is responsible for growing the business around the world. Prior to joining The Weather Company, Rob served in the U.S. Army where he held leadership roles over people, as well as complex systems and assets.
Length (approx): 20 min
Blockchain’s Effect on Risks Facing Precision Ag Product and Service Providers

Blockchain in Precision Ag:  Blockchain’s effect on Risks Facing Precision Ag Product and Service Providers

Data authenticity and security is a top of mind issue for all precision Ag companies that handle customer data and financial information. This program provides a basic introduction to Blockchain—what it is, how it works, what it does, and why it seems destined to become the gold standard of data authentication and security in many industries.  The speakers will also describe how the use of Blockchain may reduce risk in applications of data security, collection, ownership, and privacy considerations, as well as applications of Blockchain for crop, livestock and product certification purposes, and reducing disputes in contractual situations.

Matt Grant (speaker)
Husch Blackwell
St. Louis, MO 63105
o Matt is a partner in Husch Blackwell’s Food and Agribusiness group. Matt has extensive experience in a variety of legal issues impacting members of food, agribusiness and other industries. His practice has included advising agribusiness clients on matters such as crop seed bag labeling, patents, trademarks and plant variety protection, as well as legal issues involving crops ranging from corn, soybeans and cotton to alfalfa, canola, milo and kidney beans. Additionally, Matt has defended food and consumer product manufacturers faced with class action cases based upon product labeling.
Bob Bowman (speaker)
Associate Attorney, Co-Leader of Husch Blackwell’s IoT Group
Husch Blackwell
Denver, CO 80202
Bob is a technology attorney in Husch Blackwell’s Technology, Manufacturing and Transportation group.  Bob assists clients in obtaining and securing intellectual property rights, managing their intellectual property holdings, maintaining and enforcing such rights.  Bob also counsels clients regarding technology sale and acquisition and the ins-and-outs of web and mobile-based commerce, including drafting and negotiating software licenses and development agreements, data sharing and management agreements, hosting agreements for cloud storage solutions, Software as a Service agreements, and website terms of use and privacy policies. Bob also counsels his e-commerce clients on privacy issues related to the collection and use of information collected through their e-commerce platforms. Bob applies all of his expertise when counseling clients in the emerging Internet of Things environment.
Length (approx): 20 min
Driving Grower Profitability through Precision Decisions

With ever tightening margins in production ag, the search for management practices that result in documental return on investment has never been greater. While return on investment is a critical metric, what really matters​ is that we are making informed decisions that drive profitability at the grower level. As technology becomes more of a fixture on our farms, the opportunity for us to plan, execute and evaluate the decisions takes on a whole new level of granularity. Over the course of this presentation, we will explore strategies in executing precision practices that maximize grower profitably in the context of the logistical, economic and agronomic reality unique to each grower.

Markus Braaten (speaker)
Manager of Agronomic Precision Services
Agri-Trend® a Division of Trimble
Kalispell, MT, NA 59903
Markus graduated from Montana State University with a BS in Agriculture Education and Biology in 1998. He spent six years as an instructor of Agriculture Science. In 2000, Markus returned to his hometown of Kalispell where he continued teaching prior to starting his consulting business. Today, Markus works with large and small farmers, ranchers and landowners in Western Montana as an Agri-Coach and Certified Crop Advisor. He currently serves on the Rocky Mountain Regional CCA Board and Montana Agricultural Experiment Station State Advisory Council. Markus leads the Agri-Trend Knowledge Team which is responsible for the mentorship and training of new coaches, in addition to speaking as an advocate for Agri-Trend and sound agronomic practices around the country. Markus has a passion for education, continually striving to bridge the gap between academia, ag research and ag production. He makes the complex simple and assists growers understand the science of our agricultural system and how to deploy that knowledge to make better decisions.
Length (approx): 20 min
Stop Chasing Shiny Objects:​ Ag Technology Will Always Struggle to Deliver an ROI Until the Fundamentals Are in Place

Ag Technology vendors are constantly trying to distract you with a list of “features” and the future because they don’t have their house’s fundamentals in order. Not all features are created equal. The temptation is to quickly build said “features” but not spend the time on the fundamentals that actually make your life easier and give your business the real ROI in a sustainable way. Why is Agworld the world’s most adopted Farm Information Management system? We’ll show you how we’re changing the industry with real, high quality software. Let’s Make Ag Technology Great Again!

Zach Sheely (speaker)
President Agworld USA
Sacramento, CA

Zach Sheely joined Agworld in March 2012 and is currently President of Agworld's USA operations. Zach holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Westmont College. Zach has over 20 years' experience in agribusiness and is a third generation farmer himself, hailing from a cotton & pistachio farm in Central California. Zach is passionate about finding, developing, integrating and implementing the key technologies that will enable growers, their advisors and service providers to drive agriculture into the future we know is possible.

Matthew Powell (speaker)
Chief Strategy Officer, Founder
Windsor, CO 80550
Matt is a founder and the Chief Strategy Officer at Agworld with a background in Computer and Data Science. He has 20+ years experience in the software industry including senior roles at SAS Institute, Nokia’s Advanced Research Center and previous successful technology startups. Matt is passionate about helping bring Ag Technology out of the dark ages and generating the kind of real ROI that has already been realized in other industries.
Length (approx): 40 min