Title: Sponsor Showcase
Date: Wed Jul 26, 2017
Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Moderator: Dave Lundberg
NutrientStar: nitrogen management information you can use

Managing nitrogen inputs for profitability and productivity is an on-going challenge. There are tools and products on the market that can help, but how do farmers know which one to choose? NutrientStar provides information on nitrogen management tools and products available from trials and research such as: nutrient use efficiency gains, profitability and performance data, where tools have been tested, for how long, to what degree, and in what crops. This information is targeted toward farmers and their advisors, so they can make more informed decisions about tools and products that may help them manage nutrients successfully. No tool or product can work everywhere, all the time, given ranges in climate, weather and soils across cropping regions. NutrientStar also offers a geospatial framework for defining “inference zones” for trials that can help farmers answer the often asked question: “will it work in my field?”

John McGuire (speaker)
Co-Founder, S Squared | Owner/Manager, Simplified Technology Services
For 20 years, John McGuire has used his skills in data management, geographic information systems, remote sensing and computer programming to improve precision agriculture practices. He has an inside perspective on both agribusinesses and agricultural consulting. He co-founded consulting firm S Squared to partner with Environmental Defense Fund in the establishment and management of the NutrientStar program.
Length (approx): 20 min
Panel Discussion - Making digital agriculture work for your business and on your customers’ farms

Join our panel of retailers, dealers and growers to discuss practical application of digital tools, creating value for farm operations and innovative solutions to increase service revenue. The interactive session is open for questions from the audience and is designed to create a natural dialogue. Come and learn what it takes to develop a sound digital strategy that meets the needs of growers and delivers tangible business outcomes.

Kolby Nichol (speaker)
Head of Key Account Management
Farmers Edge
Winnepeg, MB R3P 2M5
Kolby Nichol grew up on a grain farm in rural Manitoba. His passion and motivation in his role at Farmers Edge is to pursue the many commercial connections between agronomy and the economy. Kolby’s goal is to find opportunities where the value that Farmers Edge™ provides growers is relevant and sustainable for the long-term.
Length (approx): 20 min
The Flexible Framework…Build Your Own Custom Apps with Zero Coding

The value of structured enterprise data has never been greater, whether it is enabling big data analytics, monitoring performance, or empowering a mobile workforce.

It should be no surprise the data each business needs to collect is unique to them, making commercial off-the-shelf apps incomplete in meeting those needs.  Forcing most enterprises to migrate to one-off custom apps, but IT resources simply can’t keep up with user demand for new custom solutions and the fast-paced changes that follow.  End-users then claim the process takes too long and costs too much, while IT listens too little resulting in failure too often.

In response, CropTrak built what is now a commercially field-tested and proven zero-code framework enabling any customer to build a native, data collaborative custom app in minutes - without any coding expertise.  CropTrak Enables companies to deploy many small, task specific custom apps that work together to collect, update, and share knowledge, each personalized and supported by the user teams empowered to collect the data in the first place.

CropTrak enables any paper processes to become digital, tracked, and mobile, saving time and enabling DevOps and Organizational Change Management like never before.

Jonathan Sherrill (speaker)
Vice President of Sales
Tuscon, AZ, AZ 85701
Mr. Sherrill has 20+ years of strategic business development and consulting experience with an emphasis on niche solutions within the Agriculture, Real Estate, Conservation and Outdoor Markets. He has a drive for problem solving that keeps him tuned into the needs of the Producer and helping them find a balance between the push and pull of technology innovation and execution. Over the last decade he has facilitated consulting services to Farm Management and Agriculture Asset Management Groups; Multinational Agribusinesses; and both Farm and Ranch Owner/Operators on four continents. Previous to CropTrak he spearheaded early stage cross-channel adoption of the Climate FieldView platform. He is a father of 5, an avid outdoorsman, and calls Zionsville, IN home. 
Length (approx): 20 min
Smarter Farming with Daily Imagery Insights

A look into how Planet's partners are using daily satellite imagery to innovate new paradigms in precision ag, and how analytics and big data are shaping the future of farming. Smarter farming with daily imagery insights looks at how Planet's frequent global satellite coverage is bringing big data analytics and innovation to agriculture.

Planet's record launch of 88 Flock 3P satellites into space this February — the largest single satellite launch and the largest constellation in operation — is bringing a new global dataset of current imagery to agriculture platforms of the future. Learn how Planet's partners are using big data and analytics to improve farm performance and increase transparency and sustainability.

Andrew Pylypchuk (speaker)
Account Executive
San Francisco, CA, NA
Andrew Pylypchuk is an Account Executive with Planet. Today Andrew’s focus is on the agriculture industry, where he works directly with visionary industry leaders to leverage the world’s largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites. With more than fifteen years of experience within the geospatial industry; Andrew knows how to combine business development and product management to develop and deliver customer-oriented solutions. His understanding of the science behind satellite imagery and image processing, as well as his ability to utilize new technologies, has been especially useful in driving growth for both Planet’s partners and customers.
Length (approx): 20 min
Climate FieldView platform: Creating partnership opportunities in digital ag

Transformative digital technologies are shaping the future of farming in new and exciting ways. Join us for this presentation/Q&A to learn more about The Climate Corporation's open, digital ag platform that creates partnership opportunities for third-party ag tech innovators and establishes an ecosystem to bring innovation to farmers, faster. 

Mark Young (speaker)
Chief Technology Officer
The Climate Corporation
San Francisco, CA, NA 94103
Raised on a New Jersey farm and now with more than 20 years of experience working in Silicon Valley, Mark leads the development of a unified technical vision, architecture, and roadmap to help The Climate Corporation deliver an industry-leading digital agriculture platform. Mark previously served as a Director of Mobile Product Excellence at Yahoo, the Chief Technology Officer of Mobile Technology at Zynga, and the Founder and Chief Technology Officer at HipLogic. Mark has a B.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University.
Length (approx): 40 min