Title: Precision Services
Date: Wed Jul 26, 2017
Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Moderator: Sid Parks
Do’s and Don’ts of Profitable Precision Service

It’s easy to be profitable when sales are good in a Precision Ag business but when sales start to back off in tough economic times the importance of service income is crucial to the sustainability of your business.  In Tim’s 23 years in Precision Ag, he has definitely learned what not to do and has worked on ways to overcome some of the obstacles that stand in the way of profitability in a service department. Learn how Ag Info Tech has diversified their business to include a wide array of services to their customers.

Tim Norris CEO of Ag info Tech, LLC shares the things that he feels makes for a strong and financially viable service department along with the things to avoid.

Tim Norris (speaker)
CEO, Co-Owner
Ag Info Tech. LLC.
Fredericktown, OH, NA 43019
Tim Norris is the founder & CEO of Ag Info Tech, LLC. Ag Info Tech is a Dealer for Ag Leader, Precision Planting, Trimble, Norac, Soil Max, Orthman, Richardt and Opi Integris lines. Ag Info Tech also provides the following services, Precision Soil Sampling, Yield Data Analysis, Topographic Survey, Drainage Tile design and installation and training on all of the products that they sell. Tim began his precision farming career in the mid 1990’s. After establishing grid soil sampling programs at 2 different cooperatives, he ventured out on his own creating Agronomic Information Technologies. Several years of growth led to expansion and eventually the consolidation with Town & Country which allowed Tim and his crew to use Town & Country’s corporate staff to help paperwork while his staff could focus on what they do best – focus on Precision Farming methods and tools to capture and analyze the data. Ag Info Tech has been featured in many trade magazines and Ag Info Tech was honored to receive Precision Ag Magazines 2015 Dealer of the year. Tim has also developed the on line dealer management and data analysis tool called Agri-Vault. In March of 2017 Ag Info Tech added and additional partner Central Ohio Farmers Co-op. For his enjoyment and to make sure that he stays in touch with the needs of the grower, Tim grain farms and does custom planting and harvesting on 1,000 acres.
Length (approx): 40 min
Practical Precision

Precision Agriculture has now become a staple in the agriculture sector.  As dealers and service providers, we are constantly trying to determine what products are the best fits for our customers and how to best service them so that they receive the maximum ROI from the tools we sell them.  Too often nowadays well made plans are forgotten when the growing season gets busy.  I will share with you a few programs that we have created within our dealership that keeps our customers on track and generates additional revenue for our business.  

Ben Flansberg (speaker)
President and Co-Owner
BCA Ag Tech
Medina, NY 14103
Ben Flansburg is President and Co-Owner of BCA Ag Technologies in Oakfield, NY. Ben is a 2006 graduate of Cornell University, Ben went on to establish BCA Ag Technologies in 2007. In his current role as President he oversees the daily sales and service of their precision Ag department. In 2014 Ben and his team created their “Precision First” data program. With the importance of collecting good data, Ben finds himself always in a cab assuring that monitors are calibrated and working properly.
Length (approx): 40 min
Precision Consulting: Building a Suite of Services

The business of selling precision services --- and only services – to growers is becoming a reality.  One reason is that the complexity of technology and vast number of choices continue to increase.  These choices allow for agronomists and retailers to focus and specialize in an area such as soil fertility, remote sensing, or data analysis.  Come and listen to one agronomist share his experiences over the past three years on the journey from corporate agronomy into the role of an independent advisor selling only precision services to growers.

Matt Wiebers (speaker)
Agronomy Consultant
Plymouth, MN, NA
Matt Wiebers is an independent agronomy consultant and the owner of CropCentric based near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Matt has 20 years of agricultural experience working with growers and fertilizer retailers across the Midwestern US and Canada. He has worked for Cargill and Mosaic in several roles including as an agronomist focused on developing decision-support tools and leading on-farm trials related to nutrient use efficiency. Additionally, he has worked on sustainability initiatives with NGOs to provide farmers in developing regions of Africa and Central America with access to high quality fertilizers. Matt’s current business focuses on services including nitrogen management for corn using crop modeling, soil testing services, soil fertility management, irrigation scheduling and monitoring, on-farm research work funded through public grants, and GIS data analysis.
Length (approx): 40 min