Title: The Business of Precision
Date: Tue Jul 25, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Moderator: Lisa Prassack
Starting from Scratch

Building a program focused on the vast technological offerings available in the agriculture sector is no easy task.  Determining the local state of the industry in order to understand your customer’s needs and wants while justifying the return on investment to the company can be challenging.  We will explore the thought process of how, when, and where to building a program focused on agriculture technology but fluid enough to adapt to other market needs in the future.  We will then dive into a few of the fundamental business components discussing partnerships, software, employees, and branding/marketing.  All are important to consider when encountering an ever-changing customer sector and work place environment.  

Ben Carlisle (speaker)
Ag Technology Manager
GreenPoint Ag
Memphis, TN 38125
Ben is currently the Ag Technology Manager at GreenPoint AG, LLC in Memphis, TN. He is working on an all-inclusive program, branded “Incompass”, focused on bringing together multiple farm data collection and analysis tools to help farmers utilize crop inputs more efficiently and realize maximum economic yields. He has worked for Winfield United as an Ag Technology Specialist, and with John Deere dealers as an Integrated Solutions Manager.
Length (approx): 40 min
The New and Old Ways to Make Money in Precision Services

In the age of “freemium services” or in some cases simply “giving away the farm” when it comes to precision services - how does one make money? Ironically, the sure money may not always come from the next big thing like Big Data Analytics or the Nitrogen “model of the day”. Instead, growers and service providers can reap benefits by just doing the basics - and doing the basics right. In some cases some companies are now even paying producers - and in turn precision providers - to collect even the most basic field data. Discover how this new market for “old” data is evolving and what’s ahead and the technology that’s finally making it practical. 

Steve Cubbage (speaker)
Owner and President
Record Harvest
Nevada, MO 64772
Steve Cubbage founded Record Harvest in 1999 as an extension of the progressive practices he had learned on his family farm near Nevada, MO. He is a fourth generation farmer and is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with B.S. degrees in agricultural economics and agricultural journalism. How an Ag journalist ended up in precision agriculture is still a bit of a mystery! In his words "it's been an interesting journey" and "it's never boring because in the world of precision every day is a new day."
Length (approx): 40 min
Team Approach to Farmer Sales

As a full service ag retail company, the relationship and trust our employees develop with a grower is most important.  Changing the mold on how our crop salesmen interact with growers has not only helped to increase sales, but also to support their needs in the fast-moving agriculture realm.  Whether it be seed, crop protection, plant food, or precision farming products, each needs time dedicated with a grower to do the product set justice.  Instilling this new system has strengthened the relationships between our salesmen and the growers and improved our ability to respond to a service call in a more accurate and timely manner.  I will share the successes and challenges of this strategy.  

Dmitri Krajec (speaker)
Agronomy Marketing Manger
Wabash Valley Service Company
Grayville, IL 62844
Dmitri was raised in the small community West Salem in Southern Illinois. He Graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Sciences. Dmitri started his career in sales as well as finance and insurance working for several motorcycle and automotive dealerships through the Midwest and Florida. In 2009, Dmitri accepted a Crop Specialist role with Wabash Valley Service Company and in 2014 accepted the role of Agronomy Marketing Manager. Dmitri manages the plant food and precision farming portion of Wabash Valley’s business.
Length (approx): 40 min